Friday, February 7, 2014

Treasure Chest Friday

I had a lot of gaming material that I developed in the early-to-mid-90s go up in smoke. I didn't have any kind of cohesive back-up scheme, basically jumping from failure-prone floppy disks - which were usually the primary copy - to a hand-me-down tape drive that took too long to write to and even longer to read from, to burning things on CD when I remembered. A bunch of my backup CDs eventually got written to a hard drive  and then tossed. Or rather a RAID array, which is what I decided I needed for a "real" backup strategy. That RAID array eventually had a failure and I wasn't able to recover anything off of it. Also when I had my own domain, I did regular backups of the content but what I neglected when I downloaded everything prior to cancelling my account was the database that had the CMS content. Between those two failures, I lost everything.

Needless to say, I am now a diversified backer-upper. Cloud and multiple redundant drives, mainly.

So imagine my surprise when I was going through folders looking for tidbits for my Tribe 8 game that I ran into a few fragments of my past gaming life. It's spotty - some house rules for SilCore, a write-up of Titan for Jovian Chronicles, some trade good cards for Tribe 8 that I'm not sure where they came from, and a few other things. I have some clean up to do (the house rules are in a mind-map and I no longer have the application that generated them), but I'm going to be posting things up as I process them (and find more).

For the time being, here are two of the gems:
  • Titan - A write-up of an alternate Titan for a Jovian Chronicles game that I was going to run. It was actually to be the beginning of alternate write-ups for the entire solar system, tweaking things out to take advantage of discoveries that occurred after JC was written.
  • Trade Good Cards for Tribe 8 - I have no idea where these came from.
  • Spirit of Vimary - My original Spirit of the Century hack for Tribe 8. I previously only had a partial, corrupted copy of this - this one is from what I can tell the final. I never had a chance to playtest it, but it completes my trifecta of Fate conversions for Tribe 8.

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