Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tribe 8 and Strands of Fate

Probably a year and a half ago, I discovered the FATE rpg through discussions onRPG.NET and thought that it would a great system to adapt Tribe 8 to. I love the Silhouette system, but it always seemed like an afterthought, tacked on to the Tribe setting and hammered to fit.

I worked on a document for a while but because of SoTC's structure I lost interest. It seemed like a lot more work than it should be for what would ultimately be a much lighter game than Silhouette.

Then I found Strands of Fate - and it looks like a perfect fit. It's a bit more "traditional" than SoTC but retains all of the things I loved about FATE. A lot of the elements in place work really well. So I've started working on my adaptation, this time renamed from Spirit of Vimary to Dreams of Flesh and Spirit (hence the name of this blog, and coincidentally was the name of my Tribe 8 website that recently went defunct). I'm really digging what I'm coming up with so far, and will be sharing the pieces with the world as I hammer them out.