Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Can't Start A Game

I'm sorry, this doesn't usually happen. It's just I'm nervous, and it's been a while. So I'm having a little problem... starting a game.

I have all of the things I need. I have a game. I have potential players. I have a place to play. I've done prep work. I have every tool I need - digital, non-digital, you name it. I understand the rules. I have experience. I just can't seem to take that final step for some reason. It's like there's a barrier there. I'm not sure if it's uncertainty that it won't go well or if I subconsciously just don't want to for some reason. Maybe it will finally make the game real. Maybe it's procrastination. I don't know.

The worst part is there are lot of reasons to delay the game starting.  We do still have to decide on a schedule (in this case we'll be playing at lunch at work). It's easy to say people are busy, or put off checking to see if a meeting room is available. Or tell myself I didn't prepare this or that so we can't do it today. It's easy to get distracted with reading other games, or blogs, or discussions (ironically, typically by people who are playing). I had momentum last month, and I let it peter out.

There are other areas I'm lacking motivation in. Maybe I'm depressed. Or I have mono. Either way,

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