Monday, April 8, 2013

Gir (And How Awesome Fate Accelerated Is)

Last week's Flashback Friday was Teenagers From Outer Space, and that got me thinking about how it could work for newer animated shows such as Invader Zim. Then I realized that everything kind of maps over to Fate Accelerated Edition. Then I made a stab at writing up Gir in FAE.

Before I deliver the goods, I want to repeat something I believe +Robert Hanz pointed out: in a game that is trying to do something like Invader Zim, all aspects are Trouble aspects. In fact, the plots of any game inspired by Invader Zim or similar shows are driven nearly exclusively by trouble. Because of this, all of Gir's aspects are trouble aspects.

So, without further adieu here's my version of Gir.

High Concept: I...Don't...Know. Gir was made from discarded parts of other SIR units. Invoke or compel to establish new facts about Gir.

Trouble Aspects
Yes. Wait a minute... no. Gir is often contradictory. Invoke or compel when contradicting or changing an already established fact.

Awww...I Wanted To Explode. Despite his silly and nonsensical nature, Gir is capable of mayhem. Invoke when causing chaos and destruction, and compel for the same.

And It's A Thermos! Gir's head can hold any number of objects. Invoke when pulling out a specific object, compel to force a specific item or lack thereof.

It's Advanced! Gir is still a robot. Invoke or compel for things robot-like.

Bossy: Average (+1) 
Crazy: Good (+3)
Paranoid: Fair (+2)
Devious: Fair (+2)
Brainy: Average (+1)
Competent: Mediocre (+0)

Duty Mode: Because Gir is a SIR unit and still occasionally subject to programming, once per game session he can switch his Competent and Crazy Approaches when performing a specific task such as performing guard duty, operating a device or vehicle, or gathering information.

Dog Suit: When Gir is in his dog suit, nobody notices he is a robot or that anything he does is out of the ordinary.

Flight: One of Gir's more persistent abilities is flight. When necessary, he can ignore any barriers to movement.

+Robert Hanz pointed out we had previously agreed "I Must Obey The Taco Man!" was a mandatory aspect. It is true, and it's hard to figure out which one it should replace so I say give Gir six aspects. Also, I discarded a stunt that would have read "At the beginning of the session, replace any of the Trouble aspects with a random aspect rolled on a table consisting of Gir quotes."

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