Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fate of Vimary Character Creation Draft

This is extremely short, but it's the nuts and bolts of character creation for Fate of Vimary, specifically highlighting minor differences in the phase trio and a very short guideline for cells. The idea is to leverage the use of Fate Core's cooperative character creation to make sure that the player characters are connected to one another in a way appropriate to Tribe 8, as well as emphasize that cell creation is something which has a tangible benefit as an extra. You can grab the draft from Google Docs.

I was also inspired by the Spark RPG Kickstarter, which looks totally worth backing, to figure out a simple way of abstracting out factions and belief systems. It wouldn't be a subsystem that would see regularly use in play, but it might be kind of cool for use during Rants and whatnot.

I also think I'm in a position to start to throw together a character sheet.

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