Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slowly working on a character sheet

As always, my initial push was waylaid by more mundane things like work, the holidays and family. I've been slowly pecking away at creating a character sheet for DFS. I roughly know what I want - a landscape character sheet, laid out somewhat like the standard Strands of Fate character sheet but possibly two sided. A long time ago I had designed a Tribe 8 character sheet that was exactly like that. It was meant to be folded in half like a pamphlet. The exterior front held "fluff" information that the player would likely already know about their character. The interior held the game information that players would need during a session, while the back held some space for extras like equipment and quick reference information. I'm thinking of doing something similar for the DFS sheet. I just need to find a good tool to do the job...I remember I did the T8 sheet using PhotoShop and that was a hassle. This one I started in Word, and it's proving to be a pain as well. I'm looking into some dedicated form creation software, so while I experiment and find something that I like it might take a little while longer to get the sheet done.

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