Documents, Conversions, Hacks, House Rules

Here are all of the various documents that I have made available, from one-shots to conversions.

Tribe 8
Fate of Vimary - Tribe 8 for Fate Core. This folder includes not just Fate of Vimary and character sheets, but the Fate of L'san, a short write-up Tribe 8-ifying Southern California, random post apocalyptic exploration tables, a blank SVG template for the "triangle table", and a massive relationship map for Children of Lilith.
Strands of Flesh and Spirit - Tribe 8 for Strands of Fate
Spirit of Vimary - Tribe 8 for Spirit of the Century
Tribe 8 Trade Good Cards - Cards with various trade good items. Source unknown.
The Hundred Books - All three issues of the original Tribe 8 APA.
Vimary Zone Maps - Zone maps of Vimary in a number of different formats (PNG, SVG)
Vimary Zones - Write-ups of each of Vimary's Zones for Strands of Flesh and Spirit.
Strands of Flesh and Spirit Character Sheet - With background watermarks
Strands of Flesh and Spirit Character Sheet Without Watermarks - Same, just with a background
Tribe 8 in Spark - A write-up of the Tribe 8 setting in the Spark rpg.

Fate Core/Fate Accelerated
Xeno - An FAE one-shot in the vein of Aliens.
Dixton - A draft of a Thief/Dishonored-style city set in a pseudo-Colonial era.
Sigils - A sample magic system patterned off of Dishonored.
Sneaksy Skills - A sample of a customized skill system for a Thief/Dishonored-style game.
Milestone Worksheet - A Fate fractal treatment of Milestones

SilCore House Rules - A collection of house rules I used with SilCore.
Exploration Triangle Tables - Modern or post-apocalypse random building generator.

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