Friday, November 2, 2018

Moving to WordPress

This particular blog actually started on WordPress a very long time ago, but at the time I wasn't enamored of WordPress' functionality and Blogger was at least marginally better/easier to work with. Over the years I've tolerated many of Blogger's idiosyncrasies with writing posts - images and text not playing right together, things moving around strangely, and even massive formatting failures that caused things to disappear - largely because of G+ integration. Obviously that is no longer a reason for staying on Blogger. Things basically haven't changed in years in terms of tools and that is causing me to cast a suspicious eye toward how little attention Blogger gets from Google. Meanwhile Wordpress continues to improve and honestly is way better than it was seven or eight years ago. I was able to export my blog and import it into Wordpress with no visible issues beyond maybe some formatting that I'm not going to try to fix. It imported tags, comments, images, everything.

So without further ado, the link to the new blog is:

This blog will remain up most likely until Google+ shuts down, but all new posts will be made over there.

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