Monday, October 22, 2018

Blades in The Dark Planning and Resources

So I've buckled down and decided that I am, 100%, going to be starting a Blades in the Dark game in the Very Near Future(tm). Starting to run a game like BitD less than two years after it was released is a decent accomplishment for me. It took me at least three years to get into Exalted and possibly a year or two more before I tried my hand at running it. My track record with video games is even spottier and really looks a lot like this:

Image result for xkcd comic waiting years to play video games
I just now started playing Thief, and that was released in 2014. I hope to get to Dishonored II by 2020.

I've started to watch various Actual Plays as well as other videos on running the game while I try to get things a little organized. To my surprise, I found that it was easy to find YouTube videos of actual play and tutorials but it took some digging to find other resources. So as much for anybody else looking to see what cool stuff is out there as myself, I'm collecting all of these tidbits up here: - People generator - More people - Street and building generator - Ghost/demon/cult generator - List of names - Crew mission tables - Score Generator - Doskvol News - Doskvol Scores - Devil's Bargains - Score Workflow

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