Monday, February 5, 2018

Facets in Retrolock

One of the Fate Core-like concepts that I really didn't want to part with was Aspects. Having a free form descriptor or tag makes characters a lot more flexible and interesting, and bypasses having an advantage/disadvantage system - along with the trouble involved with balancing the values, deciding what qualifies as an advantage or disadvantage, etc. But in keeping with the philosophy of not deviating too far from the project's Interlock roots, I didn't want to go whole hog with a Fate Fractal-like implementation.

Right now, the Facets are optional and are defined as short phrases that apply to an Ability or Skill - something unique, interesting or important about it. In keeping with the theme that modifiers to action rolls are full levels on the Risk Factor scale, a facet allows the character to lower the Risk Factor of an action by 1. I still haven't worked out how the economy for this looks, beyond a Fate-like system of moving chits or points around. I'm definitely open to suggestions.

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