Monday, March 25, 2013

I would like to thank Mykal Lakim

The Apotheosis Drive X Kickstarter has funded, and with that is a step closer to including my setting submission for the anthology. If you missed it, the synopsis of my setting is in this post. Even if it's only a few thousand words, it's a crucial step for me in a number of ways. If you haven't backed Apotheosis Drive X - do it! Now. Especially if you want to see universe-kicking mecha. Without vampires.

Since becoming a database developer, I've learned the only way to stop being afraid of challenges is to take them on. When someone asks if I can handle a task, I swallow any self-doubt and step up. Sometimes it doesn't work out so well, but I learn and move on. Twelve years ago things were different. I was with UPS and had been for years. I doubted whether I could do anything else. Friends told me I should go into IT, but I always had an excuse. I don't know where to start. I have seniority at UPS. I have a family, we can't afford the risk. I like playing with my computer, I don't want it to be a job. Then on 9/11/2001, I left work at UPS for the last time (the timing was a coincidence, but an apt  one). I had no choice but to challenge myself, and the only thing I could think to do in order to support my family was go into IT. It was difficult and challenging, but I've succeeded far more than I ever imagined.

But I hadn't done anything with trying to get back into my gaming roots and love of writing, at least prior to December 2012. Sure, I've maintained some blogs such as Dreams of Flesh and Spirit, but that was "for fun" with no hope of it turning into anything other than fan work. Year before last I made a stab at NanoWriMo (and actually, this blog used to have the daily entries for that effort - I still have them, they've just been put back in draft mode). A very long time ago I wrote a draft pitch for Word of the Keepers for Tribe 8, but I never got the courage to submit it (subsequently it's been lost, and I always kick myself over that). I have had some other offers to co-author projects, but I always turned them down with one excuse or the other...the same excuses I used to avoid challenging myself in my career.

Now that I've been writing regularly, my confidence has increased. I've found the same willingness to take on challenges that I have in my career. So when I saw David Hill from Machine Age Productions put out a call for setting pitches for ADX, I threw something together and sent it in. I was delighted when I got a positive response back.

So how does Mykal Lakim/Paul Cape fit into all of this? Aside from giving me some fun things to blog about, if he or one of his sockpuppets hadn't tried to pull David Hill into his celebration of stupid I would never have circled David on Google+. I probably wouldn't have seen David's call for submissions, or at least seen it too late. I also might not have had the courage to type out a paragraph for a setting pitch and hit "Send". So many thanks to Mr. Cape - when he tried to rope me into some game publishing conspiracy he likely never expected he'd have this effect. I just hope he doesn't let this go to his head.
Also, I'm totally kidding. The only person responsible for my newfound confidence toward game writing is me.